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Craps Strategy: Betting the Pass Line

The shooter must make a Pass Line or Don’t Pass bet prior to rolling the dice, while each player can bet on the Pass Line, Don’t Pass or both as they see fit, or none of these as betting with is optional for non-shooters. Basic craps strategy dictates that a Pass Line bet is the most common wager available in the game. There are only three of the 12 possible combinations that lead to the shooter crapping out, i.e. losing their bet, with the other nine combinations keeping them active in the round. They have a 2/12 chance of winning outright on the come out and the other numbers offer the chance to win once the point has been established. Craps Strategy: Betting the Don’ts A more ‘risk and reward’ craps strategy is the Don’t Pass bet, which has a theoretical chance of winning of 25% in the first instance (3/12 possible numbers). There is always the back-up option of the point roll as well for players to leverage additional winnings.The extra security comes from knowing that once the point is established, Don’t Pass bets can be taken down or reduced.